• Exploration.
  • Aquisition.
  • Production.

RAW Oil & Gas, Inc. began its operations as an independent oil and gas company in January of 2002. During that time, RAW Oil & Gas Inc. has been engaged in the exploration, acquisition and production of crude oil and natural gas in the West Texas area. The owner, who is also the principal of the company, entered the oil and gas industry in the early 1970’s and has acquired an in-depth knowledge of all business and operational aspects of the sector. In addition to creating value for all parties involved, RAW Oil & Gas Inc. is committed to giving back to its employees and the community. The principal of RAW Oil & Gas, Inc. and his employees pride themselves on their honesty and hard work.

RAW Oil & Gas Inc.’s owner also solely owns JDH RAW Energy LC, an investment entity, which holds interests in various oil and gas properties across the nation. In conjunction with RAW Oil & Gas Inc. and JDH RAW Energy, LC, the principal also owns and operates RAW Services LLC, a well-servicing company that provides repair, work-over and completion services to oil and gas operators.

RAW Oil & Gas Inc
1415 Buddy Holly Ave
Lubbock, TX 79401